Community Calendars

All the calendars included or listed here are maintained elsewhere. Go to the original calendar to add events, make corrections, or “talk to a manager”. 🙂

We are beginning a project of content curation with a local focus on the Billings, Montana region. This is version .1, pre-release. If you have thoughts or suggestions, email Danny Choriki at

Billings Association of Humanists

The BAH meets weekly for a lecture, informative video, book or movie reviews, Socrates Cafe, and other learning moments followed by a friendly yet skeptical conversation about the topic. Opinions welcome. Fact-based analysis is prized!

The main calendar for the Billings Humanists is at meetup.

The Yellowstone Democrat Social Club

The Yellowstone County Democrat Social Club is an independent members club. YDSC events are social and/or educational and/or political. They should be fun. They will be more than one. But they will always be social. Check out their new website or follow their calendar below.

Danny’s List

This is an attempt to use Meetup as a collector page for events from different organizations.

Yellowstone Democrats Study Group

This is a breakfast club that meets on Wednesday mornings at 7:30 over zoom. Currently, the best way to keep track of them is their FaceBook page.

Billings Public Library

The Billings Public Library Calendar displays a host of important content for events at the library as well as other BPL events.

City of Billings

There is no better way to directly impact the future of the world you live in than becoming engaged with your local governments. Track here for developments on how to do this simpler and more efficiently and effectively.

Billings Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation has a wide array of events around the city for children of all ages.