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Anomie and the threat to American Democracy

Anomie is the breakdown of social norms resulting in an increase in “deviant” behavior. As the concept has evolved over time, the role of economic immobility has become a key area of research interest as a primary driver of abnormal social behavior. Continue reading

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Women’s Rights in America

Living in NYC I was on the same street and used the same subway entrance as Elizabeth Cady Stanton did in the last decade of her life. On days when I walked passed the building she used to live in, … Continue reading

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Samuel Clements for The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

The book was published in the United States in February of 1885. Samuel Clements is a candidate for humanist of the month for February for the 2016 calendar. The following is from Huckleberry Finn. ┬áIt is when Huck is thinking … Continue reading

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