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Women’s Rights in America

Living in NYC I was on the same street and used the same subway entrance as Elizabeth Cady Stanton did in the last decade of her life. On days when I walked passed the building she used to live in, … Continue reading

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Samuel Clements for The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

The book was published in the United States in February of 1885. Samuel Clements is a candidate for humanist of the month for February for the 2016 calendar. The following is from Huckleberry Finn.  It is when Huck is thinking … Continue reading

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Whom do humanists thank on Thanksgiving?

Whom do humanists thank on Thanksgiving? Humans of course! I always thank those who made the feast possible. Article written for Billings Humanists at  There are two related questions over on Quora on this topic, the one is more about … Continue reading

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November 16, 2013; Skepticon 6 is underway in Missouri

Found out earlier this week that Skepticon 6 is happening this weekend in Missouri.  They are live streaming at  The schedule is at  Looks like a fun event.  Road trip next year?

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Why isn’t gambling considered capital gains? Deconstructing the conversation about capital formation and taxation

The conversation about capital gains taxes, a higher income tax for higher incomes and capital formation needs to be broken down. First, not all forms of investment are equal. Some are about growing the economy by growing a business and … Continue reading

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We are not a democracy.

We are not a democracy. The United States of America has never been a democracy. Some small towns in the USA are a democracy, but if you don’t live in a town with town hall meetings where everyone at the … Continue reading

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Rapture Day 21 May 2011: Shooting a grizzly bear will only make it mad.

As I write, it is 21 May 2011 in Fiji. According to Harold Campy, rapture will begin globally at 6pm at the International Dateline with a massive earthquake and tidal waves. That will be around 2 AM here in New … Continue reading

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Music and the net: an unfulfilled promise

The early proponents of the net promised many things. One of them was that talent would find audience without the “middleman”. It was the to be the end of the recording industry. Power to the recording artist. Record executives, up … Continue reading

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The City Care Forgot – Spring 2011

This is our sixth Jazz Fest since that the confluence of human and natural events we now call Katrina. I recall the first year we were here and the relief that so much of what made New Orleans special was … Continue reading

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Initial thoughts and assumptions about identity and this blog

As a well-trained social scientist of the late 20th Century in Western traditions, one must always begin with assumptions and values. Continue reading

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