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Electronic Vehicle Battery as Home/Grid Power Backup

Washington Post Climate Advice Columnist, Michael J. Coren, talks about how the battery in your car can become a part of the larger power grid solving short term and medium time frame problems. Technology already exists to connect your car … Continue reading

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Anomie and the threat to American Democracy

Anomie is the breakdown of social norms resulting in an increase in “deviant” behavior. As the concept has evolved over time, the role of economic immobility has become a key area of research interest as a primary driver of abnormal social behavior. Continue reading

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Living is exhausting

MSU Billings students doing a self created and produced skit called Under the Blankets. Its about teen suicide. Part of a larger project started in Miles City where students use the dramatic arts to talk about the social and personal … Continue reading

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Whom do humanists thank on Thanksgiving?

Whom do humanists thank on Thanksgiving? Humans of course! I always thank those who made the feast possible. Article written for Billings Humanists at  There are two related questions over on Quora on this topic, the one is more about … Continue reading

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Why isn’t gambling considered capital gains? Deconstructing the conversation about capital formation and taxation

The conversation about capital gains taxes, a higher income tax for higher incomes and capital formation needs to be broken down. First, not all forms of investment are equal. Some are about growing the economy by growing a business and … Continue reading

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Music and the net: an unfulfilled promise

The early proponents of the net promised many things. One of them was that talent would find audience without the “middleman”. It was the to be the end of the recording industry. Power to the recording artist. Record executives, up … Continue reading

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The City Care Forgot – Spring 2011

This is our sixth Jazz Fest since that the confluence of human and natural events we now call Katrina. I recall the first year we were here and the relief that so much of what made New Orleans special was … Continue reading

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Recommendation for “Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action” by Simon Sinek

Just spent an interesting hour listening to Simon Sinek about “why” matters. (He blogs at It was a combination of existentialism and self-actualization. The basic concept is that most of us operate in the world of “what” or “how”, … Continue reading

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Shoes to replace shoes: the barefoot running movement

We have traveled an interesting technological circle in my adult life. When I started running in junior high school, we wore plain canvas shoes.  Like the Converse shoes that are now retro-hip.  By the mid to late 1970’s, a technology … Continue reading

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Snow days, climate change and second order effects

It is a snow day in New York City. Again. I am enjoying it but I did grow up in Montana. This one is a little closer to what I would call a snow day, i.e. a decent accumulation where … Continue reading

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