Music and the net: an unfulfilled promise

The early proponents of the net promised many things. One of them was that talent would find audience without the “middleman”. It was the to be the end of the recording industry. Power to the recording artist. Record executives, up against the wall.

Mystikal at sync up

Mystikal at sync up 4 talking about his journey through social media to promote his music.

While the landscape has changed in the past 20 years, the power dynamic hasn’t. More importantly a new model for connecting audiences with talent hasn’t emerged. Technologists and artists are trying (remember myspace), but there are many obstacles remaining.

Here in New Orleans, The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Foundation created the jazz & heritage talent exchange to help musicians in New Orleans find their way through the tech forest.

Sitting here at sync up 4 hosted by the Foundation. The current session is an interview of Mystikal about his journey through the new landscape and social media. I guess I would summarize it by saying just do it.

I foresee a large consulting industry emerging as this develops.

While search engines, community spaces, tweets and twits abound the search for your “thousand true fans” continues.

My two cents? The dust is just starting to swirl.

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