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Conservative acid test

I have believed for some time that the left and the right operate under different epistemological and ethical guidelines. I just thought of another such example. What is the conservative equvalent of a “liberal acid test”? I could be wrong, … Continue reading

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On the deck on West 93rd St

When we moved to West 93rd St, the main reason was for a place in Manhattan with outdoor space. ¬†While it didn’t work out exactly as we wanted or expected, there were a number of wonderful moments sitting in the … Continue reading

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Post Jazz Fest 2006 Thoughts

I had five reactions to New Orleans during Jazz Fest 2006. The Flood Line — you will notice that there is no flood line on this building. Entire neighborhoods are filled with homes and stores where the flood line was … Continue reading

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For the first time…

At my age, there are not a lot of things I do any more that are for the first time.¬† This year at Jazz Fest was one of them. For the first time ever in my life, I am a … Continue reading

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