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Music and the net: an unfulfilled promise

The early proponents of the net promised many things. One of them was that talent would find audience without the “middleman”. It was the to be the end of the recording industry. Power to the recording artist. Record executives, up … Continue reading

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Shoes to replace shoes: the barefoot running movement

We have traveled an interesting technological circle in my adult life. When I started running in junior high school, we wore plain canvas shoes.  Like the Converse shoes that are now retro-hip.  By the mid to late 1970’s, a technology … Continue reading

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Snow days, climate change and second order effects

It is a snow day in New York City. Again. I am enjoying it but I did grow up in Montana. This one is a little closer to what I would call a snow day, i.e. a decent accumulation where … Continue reading

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Journalism in the digital age: A changed landscape

(Dateline Washington DC) The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) held a workshop on December 1-2, 2009 titled “How Will Journalism Survive the Internet Age?” From a naive perspective, and indeed much of the public discussion on the issue has focused around … Continue reading

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